A single-strand wire known as a "slickline" is used to run a variety of tools into the wellbore for several purposes. It is utilized in the oil and gas industry during well-drilling operations.

MENA offers a complete package of slickline services Onshore and Offshore. Our units are with PCE (Pressure Control Equipment) operated from the control cabin and have data acquisition as standard. The units are also soundproof, conditioned, and built for the operator's comfort, to ensure he is focused on the job. The unit comes with a variety of tools as needed for the operations. Our engineering team creates job programs where required (Based on individual Customer programs at all times), and our modeling software predicts individual operations can be performed without delay.

A complete supply of standard tools ensuring that every unit has all the necessary instruments for a successful operation is provided, including:

All Our Slickline and Downhole Tools Services Specialists Have Gathered Many Years of International Field Experience.

Since the tools may have undergone numerous operations during their entry and exit from the wells, MENA Company has an integrated workshop for repair and lubrication after these tools have been used in the field. where engineers with extensive experience in the field replace the tool's required spare parts and calibrate them so that they are always ready to work. We have all the tools and spare parts necessary to complete this project in our workshop.