The Force-Lok Mechanical Pipe Joining System

the first mechanical connection system for a line pipe of its kind designed to be measurable, repeatable, and fully documented.

The joints of the mechanical connection system are formed without welding, threaded pipe ends, or separate coupling devices.

The SIX US Issued Patents and FOUR Foreign Patents Issued in Tunisia, South Africa, India, and China; and the THREE ISOs based on the Force-Lok Computerized Monitoring System were designed to ensure Quality Control in the manufacturing of the End Preparations in the mechanical pipe joining system and also provides monitoring and documentation in the field during the joint Assembly Process of the Force-Lok Mechanical Pipe Connection System.

The Technology

Force-Lok has developed a revolutionary pipe joining system for the pipeline industry. The Patented Force-Lok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is a non-welded, connection that is compatible with the corrosion-resistant internally coated pipe. All Force-Lok connection systems were designed for numerous pipeline applications including pipelines transporting oil, gas, water, steam, corrosive liquids, and CO2 and are available for pipeline applications in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches. The Force-lok Computer Monitoring System monitors end-prep and field assembly operations in real-time and gathers important data for pipeline operators.

Much Faster than Welding

7.5X Faster

ForceLok Field Assembly unit produces approximately 10 to 15 joints/hour, or up to 1,800 meters per day

10 Hours Produciton

Pipeline Production Rate Comparison between ForceLok and Welding

The Advangages over other Systems

The ForceLok Field Assembly Unit Consists of:

  • A diesel, hydraulic-powered unit that can be placed on a trailer pulled behind the side-boom tractor.
  • A self-contained Force-Lok Field Assembly Unit hanging from the Side-boom tractor creates a mechanical connection Force-Fit by applying a measured rate of force between the pin and bell ends of the connection.
  • A Force-Lok Computer Monitoring System is attached to the Force-Lok Field Assembly Unit.
  • The Force-Lok Computer Monitoring Technology, allows field engineers and technicians to measure, graph, and document the amount of travel in the Force-Fit connection makeup and the amount of force applied to each connection, ensuring the highest compliance and quality control standards available.

Quality Assurance for all Operations in Real-Time

ForceLok Protects the Internal Coating of Pipelines

Made in the USA

MENA Oil Services Company represents Force-Lok exclusively in the State of Libya. For any further information, you can contact MENA at any time during official working hours.