MENA works to provide all types of oils, lubricants, and related products used to maintain and increase the efficiency of all types of motors. It may be a small assignment or a large contract; we have taken equally special care to satisfy our worthy clients with all responsibility.

Oils and Lubricants for Engines

The activity of selling and distributing lubricants and motors oils started in mid of 2016. Since that time the company has been working to increase the distribution so we opened a number of distribution points in all of Libya and reached 32 distribution points in mid-2019.

During the period in which we adopted the multiple selling policy, we obtained exclusive distribution in the eastern region for each of the following companies: Castrol, Q8, and Eni. We also got an exclusive agent for Libya from two Serbian companies, Galax and Nis. Finally, in 2021, we got the exclusive distribution of the Rover Company product in Libya.