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MENA is fully registered and licensed to operate in Libya; MENA is a group of Libyan Engineers of different disciplines having a long experience in the Oil and gas industries and water treatment aiming to offer their experience in oil industries as oil field chemicals engineers, drilling chemicals, refinery, petrochemical plants, water desalination plants, and electric power plants.

MENA is registered with all major oil and gas companies, government and semi-government departments for their day to day requirements for oil production, water treatment, engineering and oilfield chemicals services under License number 2312, registration number of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce 10872-73876, tax number 7473.

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It may be a small assignment or a large contract; we have taken equally special care to satisfy our worthy clients with all responsibility.

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We provide pipeline construction and maintenance services to all sectors of the oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, refineries, and all chemical and oil-related industry. Our operations include a full and comprehensive list of services including engineering, construction, installation, inspection, and maintenance services.

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MENA Oil Services with her foreign technical partners is ready for Engineering and Design, Supply Chain Management, Construction and Maintenance Services in Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil, Corrosion Control, Pressure Testing, and Nitrogen Purging, Repair, and Calibration of Paint Testing Equipment.
MENA oil service provides integrated logistics solutions including value-added distributions, comprehensive transportation handling, trucking, and transportation solutions.
Oilfield chemical treatments refer to chemicals used in oil production, oil refineries, drilling and completion, oil recovery, water injection, and improved oil recovery. There are many types of chemical treatments and many classification methods. According to the chemicals used in the oil and natural gas field site, the oilfield chemicals can be divided into several categories: commodity chemicals, drilling chemicals, adhesives, fracturing, and acidizing chemicals, production chemicals, etc. 

MENA Company has focused on the application of chemicals for oilfields, and we also customize the right products for clients according to a different application.

MENA Oil Services Company can provide a wide range of equipment, spare parts, accessories, and services for oil and gas and related projects. MENA strives to satisfy customers in providing the products and services we provide.
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