About Mena?

MENA is fully registered and licensed to operate in Libya; MENA is a group of
Libyan Engineers of different disciplines having a long experience in the Oil and
gas industries and water treatment aiming to offer their experience in oil
industries as oil field chemicals engineers, drilling chemicals, refinery,
petrochemical plants, water desalination plants, and electric power plants.

MENA is registered with all major oil and gas companies, government and semi-
government departments for their day to day requirements for oil production,
water treatment, engineering and oilfield chemicals services under License
number 2312, registration number of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce 10872-
73876, tax number 7473.

It may be a small assignment or a large contract; we have taken equally special
care to satisfy our worthy clients with all responsibility.

Our Mission 

To provide quality of Oilfield chemicals treatment, engineering, maintenance and oilfield services related to our clients that adds value to their businesses.

Our Vision 

Is to be the leading provider of motor oils, lubricants and chemical solutions for all our customers.


MENA Oil Services Company

7 Venice Street, 

Benghazi, Libya

Mobile (Whats App) : +218 92 220 2047

Email: info@mena.ly , abubaker@mena.ly